First report and report after specific time interval starts a long time on MS SQL 2008 Reporting Services

Today an interesting article was published on MS SQL Tips: How to Speed up MS SQL Reporting Services on First Run.

It’s about solving a problem with slow loading of first report (or even accessing the report manager) in MS SQL 2005 Reporting Services. On SSRS 2005 the problem by default occurs every 20 minutes of idle time.

The same problem occurs also on MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2008R2 Reporting Services, but in 12 hours intervals. As Reporting Services 2008+ doesn’t use the IIS server and use it’s own integrated web service, solving the problem is quite different.

On SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 the problem occurs when an Application Domain is recycled and by default it’s 12 hours (720 minutes). After this time a new application domain is created an all new requests are redirected to the new application domain. Once the application domain is recycled, the new domain has to authenticate to the database server, load all necessary structures and this prolongs the first report startup after the domain is recycled.

If this default behavior (recycling every 12 hours) doesn’t meet your business needs as, you can modify the Report Server configuration file and specify a value which will be closer to your needs.

The configuration is stored in the rsreportserver.config file which is located in the installation directory of the Report Server instance. E.g. for default instance of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services it is located in ”C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVERReporting ServicesReportServer” directory.

The part which interests us is in the Service Node and it’s RecycleTime parameter:


By modifying the RecycleTime, you can shorten or prolong the recycling interval. The interval is specified in minutes and as mentioned above the default value is 720 minutes (12 hours).

Detail on the Application Domains for Report Server Applications can be found on MSDN. Details about the RSReportServer configuration file is also available on MSDN.

As mentioned in the documentations the MaxAppDomainUnloadTime is a time interval in minutes for which the Reporting Services are waiting for any current operation to finish during recycling the Application Domain. As It was mentioned during recycling Application Domain a new Domain is created and all new requests are directed to the new Application Domain and the current one is leave for the MaxAppDomainUnloadTime if there are currently some jobs running. If the jobs are not finished during the MaxAppDomainUnloadTime, the Application Domain is restarted and all jobs terminated.

If you have some some reports, especially scheduled one, which could take longer than the default 30 minutes to process, you can also consider to alter this parameter according to your needs. On the other side, if there is some job running for such a long time, it should be analyzed why it takes so long and whether it could be optimized in some way.

There is a lot of other interesting parameters in this configuration file, which could useful especially in the Scale-out SSRS Deployment scenarios. I will focus on some of them in one of the future posts.

For the overall workaround of this problem using PowerShell, see my later post Solving issue with first long starting report on SSRS 2008.