PP.SSIS Custom Components Updated on GitHub

An updated version of custom SSIS Data Flow and Control Flow components were published on GitHub

The update brings seamless Upgrade/Downgrade functionality in VS 2015 and VS 2017 by simple selection of Destination Platform (SSIS 2012 – SSIS 2017).

Data Flow Components

  • Hash Column Transformation
  • Columns To Xml Transformation
  • RegEx Extraction Transformation
  • Row Number Tranformation
  • History Lookup Transformation
  • Lookup Error Aggregation Transformation

Control Flow Components

  • Variables To Xml Task
  • Sleep Task
  • Wait For File Task
  • Wait For Signal Task
  • Wait For Time Task

To build the Components, run Visual Studio as Administrator, than it takes care about registering  the components in GAC as well as copying the dll  as well as Extensions and Upgrade Mappings xml files to appropriate directories.

If Visual Studio is not running as administrator, copying of the above files will fail and you have to manually register the components in GAC as well as you have to copy the Dll files as well as the Extensions and Upgrade Mappings to appropriate DTS directories.

Proper target directories you can find in the Posst Build events settings in individual projects.


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